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Latest Article: Mac Malware is Real 7/18/2017

by Scott Morabito: For as long as I’ve been working in IT and Apple, customers have always asked me whether they need to worry about viruses and malware on the Mac. Whenever I was asked that question I would recall the days of MacOS 9 when there existed a worm that traveled between floppy and ZIP drives infecting random files. Back then, antivirus products were barely available for Windows, and completley non-existent for Mac. My reply to customers all of these years has been relayed with a combiation of confidence and pride: “Macs are not a target”.

When the iPhone gained traction, I had concerns that the prevalence of the device would make it a target - and it was. The good news is that iOS is very secure due in large part to the required curation of apps that can be installed. Although the iPhone is a big target, the security and features sets keep them protected.

Macs, however, are another story. Unlike iOS which was developed from scratch by Apple in the 200o’s, macOS 10 was build from UNIX. The whole point of UNIX was for research and development purposes a.k.a “power users”. A creator of malware of viruses can be referred to as a nefarious power user. In other words, the ability to do powerful things is at the core of the OS.
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