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FileMaker Database Development

“If retail software for your business existed, you wouldn’t have a business”

Anyone that is using custom software for their business understand what this means. Some businesses are lucky: Architects have AutoDesk; Graphic Designers have Adobe; Bookeepers have Quickbooks. For many other specialized companies however, the unique operations are the distinguishing factor. How do companies without retail software improve efficiencies, streamline operations, and grow their business? Custom Databases.

TechTonic builds FileMaker Database solutions to enhance your practice.

Filemaker began here in Concord, MA and is owned by Apple.  Filemaker is particularly attractive because of it is based on a Rapid application Development (RAD) methodology.  In other words – its very easy to get from 0 to 60.  Filemaker is particularly effective as an electronic records system capable of streamlining project management, optimizing the sales cycle, and cataloging records.  Filemaker has optimized the database creation process for the desktop or the iPad so that rapid prototypes, design, and iterative development are possible.

Understanding your core product.

We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes to build and modify their Filemaker systems.  As you begin streamlining your processes, we will work with you to understand, clarify, and optimized your workflow.  We have worked with many types of industries including:

  • Non-profit agencies managing outreach
  • Specialized Health Care professionals utilizing electronic records (ERM)
  • Design, event, and construction companies managing projects
  • Education institutions managing enrollment, faculty, and curriculum
  • Research facilities tracking facilities, scientific data, and results

A perfect balance of design and results.

Understanding the two predominant factors of database development are key to a projects success.  First, a product will only be embraced by staff and employees if it is designed well and is intuitive.  Second, captured data needs to be converted into actionable intelligence.  Our goal with every Filemaker project we undertake is to find a proper balance between these two factors and focus on them equally.

Ask us for a referral on our past Filemaker projects.  We offer consultation, upgrades, migrations, and optimization services.


Below is a client testimonial from Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA.

“As the Coordinating Center of a large, multi-site clinical trial funded by NIH, our team needed to develop a robust database that would allow us to manage the conduct of the entire study, including sites, personnel, committees and subcommittees, ancillary studies and training, in the most efficient way possible and within a tight budget. We spoke with a few different FileMaker consulting companies, including Scott Morabito of TechTonic, referred to us by an Apple.

Right from the start, Scott was optimistic that he would be able to create a functional and relational database within our budget. Scott came to our office and met with our team to discuss the details of the database we envisioned. Scott took his time to understand our needs, and he was able to quickly grasp what we had in mind. His approach conveyed confidence that what we were looking he could create using FileMaker.

Soon after our meeting, Scott presented us with an overview of the database, which included a visual representation of the navigational relationships, the data relationships and the logic behind the database. As promised, the project estimate was within our budget.

After evaluating 4 other potential companies, our decision to partner with Scott was easy. We felt confident that Scott understood exactly what we needed and in his ability to deliver what was discussed.

Scott built a functional database quickly and worked with us to modify and enhance the database, until we were satisfied. We had high expectations for this database and we are very pleased to say Scott worked hard to make sure they were met.

In short, Scott made the process of creating a database from scratch an easy one. We trust that our database will allow us to efficiently manage our study.”


Eliza Barrett

Tufts Medical Center



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