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We define ourselves by our experience, reliability, and performance. Our tagline “define design deploy” encapsulates how we deliver these virtues to our customers.

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What our customers have to say about us

“As the Coordinating Center of a large, multi-site clinical trial funded by NIH, our team needed to develop a robust database that would allow us to manage the conduct of the entire study, including sites, personnel, committees and subcommittees, ancillary studies and training, in the most efficient way possible and within a tight budget. We spoke with a few different FileMaker consulting companies, including Scott Morabito of TechTonic, referred to us by an Apple. Right from the start, Scott was optimistic that he would be able to create a functional and relational database within our budget. Scott came to our office and met with our team to discuss the details of the database we envisioned. Scott took his time to understand our needs, and he was able to quickly grasp what we had in mind. His approach conveyed confidence that what we were looking he could create using FileMaker. Soon after our meeting, Scott presented us with an overview of the database, which included a visual representation of the navigational relationships, the data relationships and the logic behind the database. As promised, the project estimate was within our budget. After evaluating 4 other potential companies, our decision to partner with Scott was easy. We felt confident that Scott understood exactly what we needed and in his ability to deliver what was discussed. Scott built a functional database quickly and worked with us to modify and enhance the database, until we were satisfied. We had high expectations for this database and we are very pleased to say Scott worked hard to make sure they were met. In short, Scott made the process of creating a database from scratch an easy one. We trust that our database will allow us to efficiently manage our study.”
Tufts Medical Center
Eliza Barrett, December 13
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“The Best. We have worked with many consultants over the years. Scott and the folks at TechTonic always exceed our expectations. Highly recommended.”
Dennis Keohane
Weymouth, MA
“Scott has done an excellent job for our firm for many years. Scott has provided support to our law firm with 25+ computers, servers, routers, and printers for several years, now at Techtonic and previously at other tech firms. He is excellent to work with and very knowledgeable. He also recently provided support for our mobile devices.”
Thomas Cooper
November 15, Lincoln MA
“TechTonic was an essential partner in rolling out our Mac client environment and supporting our data science team over the last 2 years. We were able to implement a lightweight fit-for-purpose support model that met our needs.”
June 29 2017
``TechTonic has the knowledge and expertise needed for today's ever-changing technological era. Always able to ask the right questions whether troubleshooting or setting up something from scratch, this team is knowledgeable, quick and persistent and will not give up. TechTonic worked with me on a professional level for our professional services organization and has done work as a subcontractor in various capacities. Always professional and thought-out, I highly recommend TechTonic for anything technical. They know the current technologies and can provide long-term strategy for any business.``
RunningGirl, Cambridge MA
July 23
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    Prospective Customer Thought

    TechTonic is highly regarded from Apple and works regularly with local and national Apple Business and Education teams.  Ask Apple about us!

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    Prospective Customer Thought

    Ask us for references from other organizations in your industry.   We support all aspects of IT for small business and very specific integrations for large ones.

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    Less than 10% of our daily work focuses on repair.  90% of our engagement are due to customer growth, implementing new solutions, and compliance monitoring – all areas that our customers will gain value.

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    We love new challenges.  It sounds cliche, but we are all geeks at heart and are part of the TechTonic team because we love to tinker.