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What we do

TechTonic focuses on technology to support our clients mission. We give our clients a competitive edge through a process of understanding, enhancing, and extending their message. By guiding our clients through the latest emerging trends and tools, we develop innovative solutions in order to empower their core practice.

Mac Support Boston. Apple iOS App Developers, iPad Management. Web Developer in WordPress, Django, Amazon AWS. Filemaker Pro, JAMF Casper, Mobile Device Management.

Core competencies

  • Mobile
  • app development
  • content delivery
  • in-house deployment and management
  • Web
  • site structure
  • cms
  • optimization
  • Infrastructure
  • systems integration
  • networking + wireless
  • standardization and best practices

Who we are

Everyone from the TechTonic team has established roots in technical and creative disciplines. Competencies and hobbies of our team include computer science, photography, network engineering, sound design, graphic design, and sound engineering.

Our Values

Below is a client testimonial from Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA. We developed a Filemaker Database for their team to use Nationwide.

“As the Coordinating Center of a large, multi-site clinical trial funded by NIH, our team needed to develop a robust database that would allow us to manage the conduct of the entire study, including sites, personnel, committees and subcommittees, ancillary studies and training, in the most efficient way possible and within a tight budget. We spoke with a few different FileMaker consulting companies, including Scott Morabito of TechTonic, referred to us by an Apple.

Right from the start, Scott was optimistic that he would be able to create a functional and relational database within our budget. Scott came to our office and met with our team to discuss the details of the database we envisioned. Scott took his time to understand our needs, and he was able to quickly grasp what we had in mind. His approach conveyed confidence that what we were looking he could create using FileMaker.

Soon after our meeting, Scott presented us with an overview of the database, which included a visual representation of the navigational relationships, the data relationships and the logic behind the database. As promised, the project estimate was within our budget.

After evaluating 4 other potential companies, our decision to partner with Scott was easy. We felt confident that Scott understood exactly what we needed and in his ability to deliver what was discussed.

Scott built a functional database quickly and worked with us to modify and enhance the database, until we were satisfied. We had high expectations for this database and we are very pleased to say Scott worked hard to make sure they were met.

In short, Scott made the process of creating a database from scratch an easy one. We trust that our database will allow us to efficiently manage our study.”


Eliza Barrett

Tufts Medical Center



Latest Article: Hurricane and Tornado Hacking Protection 9/12/17

by Scott Morabito: Three of the biggest news stories in the last few weeks have been Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and the Equifax data breach. The data breach at Equifax is somewhat unfathomable because of its scope and magnitude. Sure, there have been large hacks of data in the past such as Yahoo in 2016 and LinkedIn in 2012 - but who cares about email addresses? The Equifax breach contained identity information for 200 million Americans and this could systematically cause massive amounts of identity theft. From the outside, it would seem not that this is expected: surely Equifax had major security software, systems, and tools in place to prevent this from happening. This is certainly true. The problem with cyber attacks is the asymmetric nature of offense and defense. Protecting yourself from a data breach like the Equifax one is like building a house that can withstand an F5 Tornado. house2 As hurricane Harvey and hurricane Irma worked their way up the Gulf of Mexico, one thought that would go through people's mind was "Hurricane's have hit here before - we'll probably be OK". To some degree, there is some logic to this. Modern buildings can withstand hurricanes ok and can even be safe to be in during the store. Millions of people stayed in their houses during these storms and there was only a tiny percentage of life lost. There are some anomalies and bad luck associated with hurricanes, but for the most part they are survivable
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