Productivity in the Time of COVID-19

Fewer and fewer people pace the empty sidewalks.  Those that dare, pause to peruse the apologetic “Closed” signs that local stores post in darkened windows.  A car passes slowly, the

Security Compliance with MA 201 CMR 17.00

Every organization must take reasonable measures to protect personal information of others. We work with a number of businesses in Massachusetts and in this state, you must adhere to the

Is Time Machine dying?

by Scott Morabito There are a number of gotchas related to using Time Machine.  Oftentimes, when we start having to use workarounds in the Apple ecosystem, it’s time to start

root fix for macOS 10.13

To our customers Please download the our package installer to resolve the vulnerability discovered today: Please note that if your are one of our JAMF managed customers, we have already patched you

Hurricane and Tornado Hacking Protection

Hurricane and Tornado Hacking Protection Equifax was hit with a Tornado, everyone else was in hurricane by Scott Morabito Three of the biggest news stories in the last few weeks have been

Adobe Flash and the musket

The future of Flash and the security concerns on your Mac by Scott Morabito A number of conversations with customers has recently involved the topic of Adobe Flash.  Let’s address

Mac malware is real

Mac malware risk Its time for our customers and macOS users to take the threat seriously. The risk is real and we have an answer. by Scott Morabito For as long as

Having access to many iPhones and iPads as a consultant means every millisecond of delay is an expense for clients. No true IT Director or Manager hasn’t been asked a

What’s wrong with Network Home Folders? “True” network home folders means that when a user logs into a Mac, ALL the data associated with that user resides on the server.