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iOS App Development Boston

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iOS App Development Boston

The latest generation of mobile devices represents new and exciting opportunities to expand your market presence. TechTonic works with organizations to deliver content and great ideas to these devices. Our experience with custom app development combined with our experience deploying and managing these systems provides a complete end-to-end solution. Our team will help you focus on key areas of in-house and public app development strategies including:

  • Removing barriers to content
  • Ubiquitous screen and second screen presence
  • Generating a sentiment index and feedback loop for features and optimal usage
  • Maximizing the transition from mouse to touch interface
  • Focusing on the human content interface
  • Brand exposure
  • Utilizing and understanding ratings and usage metrics
  • Tune-in opportunities and ecosystem retention
  • Advertisement and e-commerce
  • Revenue generation models through pay-to-download, auto-renew, subscription, and in-app options
  • Creating an optimal experience for engagement
  • Deep campaign marketing
  • Leveraging social and creative capital through new outlets
  • Contextualizing content and notifications for consumption
  • Crowdsourcing to generate enthusiasm while reducing labor and research expenses
  • Understanding and capitalizing on social media drift around brands


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Latest Article: Hurricane and Tornado Hacking Protection 9/12/17

by Scott Morabito: Three of the biggest news stories in the last few weeks have been Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and the Equifax data breach. The data breach at Equifax is somewhat unfathomable because of its scope and magnitude. Sure, there have been large hacks of data in the past such as Yahoo in 2016 and LinkedIn in 2012 - but who cares about email addresses? The Equifax breach contained identity information for 200 million Americans and this could systematically cause massive amounts of identity theft. From the outside, it would seem not that this is expected: surely Equifax had major security software, systems, and tools in place to prevent this from happening. This is certainly true. The problem with cyber attacks is the asymmetric nature of offense and defense. Protecting yourself from a data breach like the Equifax one is like building a house that can withstand an F5 Tornado. house2 As hurricane Harvey and hurricane Irma worked their way up the Gulf of Mexico, one thought that would go through people's mind was "Hurricane's have hit here before - we'll probably be OK". To some degree, there is some logic to this. Modern buildings can withstand hurricanes ok and can even be safe to be in during the store. Millions of people stayed in their houses during these storms and there was only a tiny percentage of life lost. There are some anomalies and bad luck associated with hurricanes, but for the most part they are survivable
Read the rest...

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