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TechTonic iPad Management Boston

We are an certified by Apple for Mobile deployments!

The latest generation of mobile devices (iPads, iPhones, Androids) is exactly what we have been waiting for: transformational technology with new and exciting opportunities for your organization.

“If you have more than 10 iPads, you’re going to want to manage them as a group”

Before you can start handing out these devices, there is a lot to consider. How will you ensure your devices are secure, up-to-date, and managed properly?  Let TechTonic help you prepare and execute your device rollout through careful strategic planning deployment strategy.  We will implement management tools, delivery policy standards, and craft a support infrastructure to complement your in-house IT. If you have more than 10 iPads, you’re going to want to manage them as a group.


“TechTonic has taken exceptional steps to be a leader in this area of expertise”

Why us?  TechTonic has taken exceptional steps to be a leader in this area of expertise.  We have worked with early adopters of the iPad in business and education environments and have learned a lot.  Most importantly, everyone is using these devices differently. Some organizations have in-house IT support staff that will handle day-to-day support and for them we will provide initial integration and training services.  Other clients of ours require a more hand-on approach and we can provide ongoing support services as they need.


“Our success and experience with mobile deployments is based on a holistic approach to mobile integration.  “

The key areas of our iOS Deployment and Management Services include:

  • Generating Provisioning models (personal and company provided)
  • Systems Integration (email, exchange, cms)
  • App selection and testing
  • Device management systems
  • Security and access policy implementation
  • Certificate enrollment processes
  • Application management
  • Hardware replacement (depot) strategy
  • Training and awareness
  • Custom application workflows
  • Lauch events and enrollment teams
  • Network integration (wireless and VPN)
  • Policy enforcement and access blacklisting
  • Restrictions and enrollment paradigms
  • Purchasing and usage account models

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