Bring your Mac to work.

It’s hard to ignore the number one brand in the world. With Apple’s success, more people are making the switch to Macs. The demand for Apple products has also put pressure on traditional IT departments, as more people want the same computing experience at the office as at home. Those PC guys hiding in the IT closet do not understand the Mac – this is where TechTonic can step in and help. We’re #1 for Mac Consulting Boston!

Barriers have been broken.

As the popularity of Apple increases, the software and tools available for the Mac have flourished. With over one million apps available in the Mac App Store, many of the Mac titles are newer than their Windows counterparts. A growing trend we are seeing in business is empowering employees to choose whatever computer they want, Mac or PC. In order to make this happen, outsourced Apple expertise can provide best practices and workflow recommendations.

We make it easy.

TechTonic has guided businesses from various industries throughout New England with adopting Apple ecosystems, including Macs, iPhones, and iPads. Every business uses technology in their own unique ways and TechTonic can help with all the detailed nuances of a migration.

What is migrated?

As much or as little can be migrated. Some businesses ramp up their Mac adoption over time, and TechTonic can help integrate those new Macs into your current technology. Some businesses are ready to completely overhaul their aging infrastructure. No problem. TechTonic can scope out everything needed (even the non-Apple stuff) to modernize your technology.

How do we get started.

Here some types of questions you may ask as you get started with your migration.

  • What happens to my email? Do I need to keep my Exchange Server?
  • What happens to the files on my PC?
  • Will my documents be compatible with PC users?
  • What if I still need some PC applications like QuickBooks or IE?
  • Can I work on my Mac remotely?
  • Can I still use my Practice Management software?
  • Is my data secure? How many viruses are written for the Mac?


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