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We define ourselves by our experience, reliability, and performance. Our tagline “define design deploy” encapsulates how we deliver these virtues to our customers.

Quality of service is our highest priority. We work hard to understand your environment and provide you with the best possible attention to detail.
Our team is attentive and alert, anticipating your call and responding immediately to problems.
We pride ourselves in our daily mission to maintain subject matter experts on our clients technology. Education and training are daily objectives.
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Our Vision

TechTonic was founded out of a passion for supporting and delivering Apple technology.  Our role as service providers for this platform requires special attention focused on service delivery, support reliability, and technical expertise.  Each one of these areas does not start with technology, but instead on an inner personal drive to listen, teach, study, trust, and work hard.

Customer focus

Our customers find extraordinary relief working with our IT team.  Our desire to deliver the best possible support starts simple enough: answer calls, respond to emails, and take your time seriously.  As we work with you to deliver and implement new solutions, we take ownership and pride in our product – we expect it to work and understand the consequences if your business is affected.   Our constant focus on internal cross training, education, and certification allow us to have confidence that the solutions we deliver will offer compelling value for your organization.

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TechTonic FAQs

Founded in 2012 and maintained by Scott Morabito, who began working with Apple in 1992 at the campus Apple Store at Brandeis University

Certifications include.

  • Aerohive Certified Wireless Administrator and Wireless Professional
  • Apple Certified Support Professional 10.5-10.14
  • Apple Certified System Administrator 10.6
  • Apple Certified Technical Coordinator 10.5-10.10
  • FileMaker Business Alliance
  • JAMF Certified Administrator
  • JAMF Certified Technician
  • JAMF Certified Expert

Programming expertise when it becomes necessary to customize solutions including languages; Bash, C++, Swift, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, Perl, JavaScript, Java.  Programatic scripting including AppleScript, Automator, and FilemakerPro

Our IT lab consists of our data center and 3 office locations.  Testing systems include 12 Mac Mini’s, 4 MacPros, 2 XServes, and 100’s of virutal systems.

  • TechTonic Insight #1
    Prospective Customer Thought

    TechTonic is highly regarded from Apple and works regularly with local and national Apple Business and Education teams.  Ask Apple about us!

  • TechTonic Insight #2
    Prospective Customer Thought

    Ask us for references from other organizations in your industry.   We support all aspects of IT for small business and very specific integrations for large ones.

  • TechTonic insight #3
    Prospective Customer Thought

    Less than 10% of our daily work focuses on repair.  90% of our engagement are due to customer growth, implementing new solutions, and compliance monitoring – all areas that our customers will gain value.

  • TechTonic Insight #4
    Prospective Customer Thought

    We love new challenges.  It sounds cliche, but we are all geeks at heart and are part of the TechTonic team because we love to tinker.