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ipad mini impact

The impact of the iPad mini to business and education

The introduction of iPad mini to the Apple product line will provide further opportunity for education and business organizations to leverage the state-of-the-art and highly-interactive platform. We believe this new device will provide options that were not available previously. We see the primary new benefits of these devices to be low cost, software legacy, and of course – size.

Low Cost
Relative to the iPad, this device is 20% less expensive. This means that organizations with limited budgets are able to purchase 20% more devices. The impact this will have on the device life cycle for these organization should not be understated. Many of the management tools for mobile devices require up front costs for server infrastructure. Very often, once that initial investment is made, adding additional devices to the environment does not require any additional infrastructure investment. The big win here is the low cost of the devices along with the limited IT overhead required.

Software Legacy
All of the apps, books, and tools available to the iPad are now instantly available for the iPad mini. The new device will instantly leverage all the software that has made the iPad and iPhone so ubiquitous. This means that the devices will make an immediate impact for the organizations that adopt them: no waiting 6-12 months for relevant software to take hold. This is all possible because the iPad mini resolution is identical to the existing iPad.

The new device size will allow the tool to be maximized in highly mobile environments. Holding the iPad in one hand has always been a difficulty. With this device, it will have the portability of the iPhone, with the screen potential of the iPad. In addition to special focus education and business use cases, we expect to see these devices to be integrated into car dashboards, kiosks, and entertainment equipment in a new way


TechTonic helps organizations build apps, integrate mobile devices, and deploy iPads.  Through a process of strategic consulting, IT proficiency, and industry experience, the TechTonic teams assist Boston and New England based businesses and schools with their mobile initiative.


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